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A Virtual Research Environment for Jacobite Studies.

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Welcome to Spines of the Thistle, a digital hub of 18th-century studies and fledgling Virtual Research Environment. This website is intended to offer two main functions: one, to collect, house, and promote emerging scholarship related to Jacobite Studies, and two, to provide useful links to connected subjects in the Humanities and Digital Humanities. At this time, the site is still under heavy construction, but will continue to remain live so that its resources are still available during the process of fleshing out. Please feel free to look around and see our plans before the official launch is announced. You might also wish to keep the site bookmarked, as more content is being added often. You are welcome to contact the publisher with queries or suggestions.

The discipline of Jacobite Studies has long needed an accessible repository of past and current scholarship from which interested parties may draw inspiration and information. Whether of academic, cultural, or genealogical interest, Spines of the Thistle seeks to present a number of digital tools and a vast array of sources and information about historical Jacobitism in the context of the 17th and 18th centuries.

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'A Scottish Highlander' - from the Boyd Album at Dean Castle

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Edinburgh Castle from Calton Hill
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The True Contrast: Hero vs. Bravo

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'Ruin'd & Defeated'


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'Cartoon from Anti-Jacobite Propaganda Leaflet' - from the Boyd Album at Dean Castle

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